Why bring a baby or child for cleaning!!

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There are good number of reasons why we need to see a 1 yr old baby with teeth or children in the dental office for a check up and cleaning. The reasons are…….

• Instruct the caregiver and child or adolescent in proper oral hygiene techniques.

• Remove microbial plaque, extrinsic stain, and calculus.

• Facilitate the examination of hard and soft tissues.

• Introduce dental procedures to the young child and apprehensive patient.

• Assess patient cooperation. A patient’s risk for cavities.

There are several approaches that dentists and dental hygienists use professionally to remove plaque, stain, and calculus from patients’ teeth.

1.The toothbrush prophylaxis is a procedure wherein primarily a toothbrush and toothpaste are used to remove plaque from tooth surfaces. This is done mainly for infants and babies who are under 3.

2. The rubber cup prophylaxis is a procedure in which primarily a dental polishing paste is applied to tooth surfaces with a rotary rubber cup or rotary bristle brushes to remove plaque and stains from teeth. This procedure is suited better for older children 4 and above.

3.Dental scaling is a procedure in which ultrasonic or hand instruments are used to remove dental calculus and stain. This is done when tartar is present on teeth, which is hard calcified deposit on tooth surfaces due to poor brushing habit and poor oral hygiene.

By cleaning the tooth surfaces through these various approaches, the dental prophylaxis (cleaning) also facilitates the clinical examination and introduces dental procedures to the child.